President’s Message

Larry BuechelHello Southeast Wisconsin Engineers,

Time is moving fast, and we are already a few months into the New Year. I hope that everyone has kept up with those resolutions! If not, there is plenty of year left to work at it, so hang in there and never give up.

This past month we held our 3rd annual Admiral’s game, had a STEM outreach event at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, attended/supported STEM Forward’s Engineers Week banquet, and held our annual Student Scholarship dinner at Marquette University. I wanted to list these items out in the beginning of the newsletter, as I see a lot of the same people at all of our events. I first wanted to thank those individuals for their continued support and passion, we are all so grateful for the efforts. I am also hoping to spark an interest for anyone who hasn’t participated in a Southeast Branch before, or for those that have fallen away for a while due to other commitments. We have a lot of opportunities to give back to our community. I know we are all very busy individuals, but we can always use additional help, and have many open positions on the board. Please consider this while reading through this month’s newsletter.

As always, please feel free to contact the board with any ideas that you may have for future social events, outreach events, or monthly meeting topics, so that we can help provide great opportunities to the Branch members.


Kyle Bareither, P.E., M.ASCE
*March 2019 President’s Message

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